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Responsible for the Content

Berufsverband für Dolmetschen und Übersetzen
Interpreters‘ and Translators‘ Association

Gymnasiumstraße 50
1190 Vienna

Email: info@universitas.org
Phone: +43-1-368 60 60

Objective of the Association According to Article 2 of the Statutes

As a non-political and a non-profit association, UNIVERSITAS Austria’s task is to promote the collective organization of translators and interpreters in Austria in order to represent their professional standards and interests.

Executive Members of the Board of Directors

Mag. Thomas Musyl, President
Mag. Silvia Glatzhofer, Vice-President
Dr. Ursula Stachl-Peier, Treasurer

Executive Administrator

Marlene Hönigsberger, MA

Disclaimer of Liability

Any text available on this and other sites contains only general information. UNIVERSITAS Austria is not liable for the accuracy, completeness, and up-to-dateness of the information provided.

All opinions expressed on forums as well as those expressed on, for example, Facebook cannot be monitored and, therefore, UNIVERSITAS Austria does not assume any liability. Opinions of users of such forums, including opinions of the members of UNIVERSITAS Austria, a voluntary professional association, cannot be controlled and are exclusively those of the users stating them.

Copyright Notice

The texts on this website and the design of the pages are protected by copyright law. All rights are reserved, in particular, the right to duplicate, to disseminate, or to translate the texts on this website. However, texts may be downloaded for personal, private, and non-commercial purposes.

Copyright 2020, for all texts, data, images. All rights reserved.

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The German texts were translated into English by students of the Department of Translation Studies of the University of Graz (supervised by Hendrik Bower) during the winter semester of 2019/2020:

Alexandra Plangger
Alexandra Wagner
Annika Weisl
Daniela Schutting
Dunja Deveci
Katie Gough
Kerstin Siegmund
Lena Rosenzopf
Maria Rohringer
Marina Favorido
Marion Moll
Maximilian Starlinger
Meredith Hanson
Mirjam Urach
Stefanie Westermayer
Tanja Spreitzgrabner
Verena Towpyha

Subsequent updates to the texts are made by UNIVERSITAS Austria.

Questions or Comments

If you have any questions or comments regarding our website, please contact info@universitas.org