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UNIVERSITAS Austria Membership

We are pleased to hear that you are interested in becoming a member of UNIVERSITAS Austria. In this section, you will find all information regarding types of membership, membership fees, and how to apply for and upgrade your membership. Information on how to cancel your membership is also available. After becoming a member, you will be listed in our internal database that is accessible to all members. The external search shows only certified members. After being a full member for two years, you may apply for certification.

Who Can Become a Member?

  • Master’s students enrolled in a domestic or foreign Translation Studies program (Translation and/or Interpreting)
  • Master’s graduates of a domestic or foreign Translation Studies program (Translation and/or Interpreting)
  • If you have other qualifications (such as in philology) and demonstrable professional experience, you can also apply for membership.

What Types of Memberships are Available?

  • Student Member (membership fee: €30/year)
    Student membership is reserved for MA Translation Studies students. Student membership is limited to three years from the start of the master’s program. If you study for more than three years,we kindly ask you to send us your enrollment certification to info@universitas.org. Our statutes require that you apply for an upgrade to full membership after completingyour master’s degree.
  • Full Member (membership fee: €200/year)
    Full membership is intended for active interpreters and translators.
  • Friend of the Association (membership fee: €100/year)
    This category is intended for non-active translators or other interested parties.
  • Honorary Member (exempt from fees)
    This category is reserved for longtime, particularly accomplished members of the association.
    You can find a list of honorary members here.

Can I Subscribe to the Association’s Member Magazine Only?

Yes. If you do not wish to become a member, you can also subscribe solely to the member magazine. Please note that the member magazine is available in German only.
Subscription fees are as follows:

  • In Austria: €29/year
  • Abroad: €41/year