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The UNIVERSIPraktikum Internship Program

Since its start in the fall semester of 2015, the curriculum for the Master of Translation and Interpreting at the ZTW (Centre of Translation Studies at the University of Vienna) has included a mandatory internship equivalent to 8 ECTS or approximately 200 working hours.

The main aim of the UNIVERSIPraktikum internship program is to introduce master’s students at the ZTW to the career prospects of freelance and self-employed translators and interpreters working for direct clients. Therefore, our experienced members are encouraged to seize the opportunity to share their knowledge and practical experience. Their participation opens up new perspectives for the professional careers of interns. This is mutually beneficial to both internship providers and the interns.

The UNIVERSIPraktikum internship program includes a combination of paid and unpaid internships. Interns should be paid and work on a short-term employment basis if they produce usable work, while an internship for educational purposes is assumed to be unpaid.

Examples of typical intern responsibilities are listed in the document on the right-hand side of the webpage (available in German only). These responsibilities may include general tasks as well as translation and interpreting tasks.

Further information is available in Heidi Scheidl’s article in our member magazine Mitteilungsblatt on the right-hand side of this webpage (available in German only). Additionally, you can read more about Katia Iacono’s and Katja Jääskeläinen’s first experiences as internship providers in Mitteilungsblatt 01/18 (member magazine available in German only).

Are You Interested?

Currently, those interested in offering internships may directly contact the Director of Studies at the ZTW (spl.translation@univie.ac.at) and/or the student representatives (stv@stv-translation.at) to inform them about their offer so that they can share the information with the students.