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Being a Member of UNIVERSITAS Austria Gives you the Opportunity to …

  • meet fellow translators and interpreters in Austria
  • communicate with other members in a secure internet forum (iBoard)
  • obtain information on current professional topics
  • take advantage of continuing professional development and training events
  • benefit from professional representation in public
  • learn more about starting out in the profession and day-to-day business while still a student
  • gain access to useful information in the members-only area of the UNIVERSITAS Austria website
  • create your own member page on the domain universitas.org/your-first-name.last-name
  • attend events, language courses and seminars at reduced rates
  • enjoy special conditions when taking out professional liability insurance
  • use the UNIVERSITAS Austria logo for communication with clients (full members)
  • obtain the UNIVERSITAS Austria certification after two years of membership and successful completion of the qualification procedure
  • contribute your own experience and expertise and support the translation and interpreting profession

Benefits especially for Student Members and newcomers to the profession

  • useful information for newcomers to the profession
  • networking and connections
  • price reductions when upgrading to a full membership
  • Maria Verber Program (mentoring program)
  • opportunity to take part in interpreting assignments
  • Facebook group for student members

If you are an interpreter or a translator, or if this is the goal of your training, we would like to encourage you to join UNIVERSITAS Austria. As a member of UNIVERSITAS Austria, you will receive benefits and discounts on various products and services. We are committed to continually extending the range of offers available.