22 September 2017, 18:15 - 24 September 2017, 15:00

Hosted by the ITI German Network
I am pleased to announce that this year’s Anglophoner Tag will be held in the city of Chester,  one of Britain's great heritage cities. It is open to all members of the following translators' associations: ITI, CIOL, Aticom, BDÜ, ADÜ Nord and Universitas. The city is home to the most complete city walls in Britain, dating from Roman times. Other sights worth visiting are the Roman amphitheatre  and the 1000 year old Chester Cathedral, to say nothing of the half-timbered buildings and the unique Rows, two-tiered medieval galleries lining the beautiful main street It also boasts the oldest racecourse still in use and this is where our Saturday workshop will be held. It is within easy reach of the train station.
The closest airports are Liverpool and Manchester, train connections from Birmingham are also good. The tourist office can be contacted here:
Here is another site to give you a preview of the old city:
The theme for the workshop this year is “Food for Thought”.
The weekend will kick off with a cheese-tasting early on Friday evening – the cheese shop has very small premises so places are limited to 8 people in total. Everyone else can meet us later in a nearby pub where meals are also served.
The Saturday workshop will start at around 9.30 and last until about 5.30. Various talks in English and German will be held in the morning and a translation slam will be held after a buffet lunch. The agenda will be sent as soon as it has been finalised.
We will meet for dinner on Saturday evening  - again, details will be sent later.  
There will a guided walking tour of Chester on Sunday followed by a pub lunch, allowing people to make their departure by early afternoon (2- 3 pm).
You are welcome to attend the whole weekend or just certain events. Partners are welcome to attend the social events, apart from the cheese-tasting as spaces are so limited. If you have any questions please contact me.
Each person pays for their own meal in the restaurant/pub on Friday and Saturday evening and Sunday lunchtime. Details will be given later on how to pay for the guided walking tour on Sunday as this depends on numbers.

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 22.09.2017, 18:15 – 24.09.2017, 15:00 


Fakultät für Mathematik und Wirtschaftswissenschaften, Wien
Oskar Morgensternplatz 1, 1090 Wien, Wien, Österreich (Google Map)


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