Online Workshop: Methodology for Terminology Work

This workshop focuses on the most typical terminology work: terminographical work. It involves carrying out a terminological project, within the setting of the Communicative Theory of Terminology (CTT), respecting the principle of adequacy, according to which, terminological work must cover the professional needs that have given rise to it and the functions for which it will be used. To this end, all the phases of carrying out terminographical work will be studied through a series of exercises.

The course materials have been developed by the IULATERM group. All teaching staff have extensive academic and professional experience in this area.

The program is taught in English. However, the knowledge and skills can be used for any other language in the world.

This course is one of a range of UPF Terminology programs, offering comprehensive professional training in the field and equipping students with the tools needed to carry out terminology work in various professional scenarios. Various programs together can be used to reach the qualification of Master online in Terminology.

Course dates: 2nd September – 3rd November

ECTS credits: 10

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 02.09.2015 – 03.11.2015 




Universitat Pompeu Fabra Barcelona