Executive Board

Distribution of tasks

The Executive Board of UNIVERSITAS Austria was elected in February 2017 and consists of 14 persons. Its work is supported by the Secretariat, the Committee for Community Interpreting, the Committee for Interpreting, the Committe for PR and Strategy and the Committee for Translation.

The individual members of the Board are responsible for the various areas of competence, e.g., representation of junior members, standards, PR, stagiaire system, website and certification.

Executive Board


Dagmar Jenner, President

Dagmar Sanjath, Secretary General

Dagmar Jenner
(liaison to universities and training institutions, Committee for PR and Strategy, economic chamber, international relations)

E-mail: dagmar.jenner@universitas.org

Vice President:
Edith Vanghelof
(new entrants to the profession – especially in the area of translation, CPD, internships)

E-mail: edith.vanghelof@universitas.org

Secretary General:
Dagmar Sanjath
(FIT matters, international relations)

E-mail: dagmar.sanjath@universitas.org

Vice Secretary General:
Bernhard Hauer
(liaison to Mentoring Programme)

E-mail: bernhard.hauer@universitas.org

Second Vice Secretary General:
Tamara Popilka
(IT and administration, translation technologies)

E-mail: tamara.popilka@universitas.org

Justyna Bork
(finances and accounting, IT and administration)

E-mail: justyna.bork@universitas.org

Vice Treasurer:
Ivana Havelka
(Vice treasurer, standards, video interpreting)

E-mail: ivana.havelka@universitas.org


Further members of the Executive Board (incl. areas of competence):

Click on a name to go to the website of the respective member of the Board.

You can reach each member of the Board by e-mail by entering firstname.surname@universitas.org

To send a message to the board in general, use info@universitas.org.