Committee for Translation

The Committee for Translation of UNIVERSITAS Austria was founded in 1975 and has held more than 200 meetings.


The Committee deals mainly with the following matters:

• Support for young translators (organizing and holding workshops for students and translators just starting their careers; events on the professional profiles of translators);

• Information and statements on translation topics; and

• Processing of applications for obtaining the UNIVERSITAS Austria certification for translation (more information for members is available in the download zone of the website).


The Committee for Translation regularly updates the Guidelines for Young Translation Professionals (March 2012):

Guidelines for Young Translation Professionals (available only in the member zone):

This clearly structured manual contains extensive information on professional profiles, customer acquisition, the handling of assignments, office organization, legal issues and accounting topics as well as interest group organizations.

Members and Organization

The Committee for Translation consists of at least five members appointed by the Executive Board for a period of two years. They can be reappointed twice – like all other honorary positions of UNIVERSITAS Austria. This means a maximum period of office of six years. If possible, at least one member of the Committee is also a member of the Board. The Committee meets roughly every six weeks and is headed by the chairperson of the Committee (appointed by mutual consent by the Committee members). Minutes are kept of every meeting and available at the Secretariat of UNIVERSITAS Austria.

The Committee for Translation does not pass any resolutions itself, but presents written recommendations to the Executive Board. If required, experts may be co-opted to the Committee (advisory function). Every Committee Member also engages in work on certain topics if possible also outside of meetings. The Rules of Procedure of the Committee for Translation are available for download on the website.

Members of the Committee for Translation

  1. Martina Kichler (chair, liaison to the Executive Board)

  2. Irene Mühldorf

  3. Vera Ribarich

  4. Laura Scheifinger

  5. Margot Zander

You may write to the Committee for Translation by e-mail to