Benefits and types of membership

Membership benefits of UNIVERSITAS Austria

Membership gives you an opportunity to …

• meet other translators and interpreters in Austria

• share views with other members in a safe Internet forum (Login)

• obtain information on current professional topics

• benefit from continuing professional development and training events (see Events)

• benefit from professional representation in public

• learn more about starting out in the profession already during your studies

• gain access to the information presented in the member zone of the website

• benefit from the possibility of creating your own mini-website on the domain (see "Mitteilungsblatt" no. 02/08)

• attend events at reduced rates

• use the UNIVERSITAS Austria logo for communications with customers

• obtain the UNIVERSITAS Austria certification for translation/interpreting after two years of membership and completion of the qualification procedures (see the information materials under Publications)

• contribute your own experience and knowledge to support the translation and interpretation profession

• take part in the UNIVERSITAS mentoring and stagiaires program “UNIVERSITAS Maria Verber Program for the Professional Advancement of Young Translators and Interpreters” for newcomers to the profession. More information on the program is available in "Mitteilungsblatt" nos. 01/2011; 03/2010; 04/2009, Mentoring Guidelines (07/10) see Publications > Useful Information (login for members)

If you are a translator or interpreter or this is what you are aiming for in your education, we would like to invite you to become a member of UNIVERSITAS Austria!

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Types of Membership

There are different types of membership at UNIVERSITAS Austria:

• Junior members

This is for students: you need the signature of two guarantors (UNIVERSITAS Austria members) to be admitted to the Association; membership fee: EUR 20 per year

• Regular members

For active translators and interpreters: you need the signature of two guarantors (UNIVERSITAS Austria members) to be admitted to the Association; membership fee: EUR 130 per year for beginners in the profession: EUR 90 (up to three years after the conversion of junior membership into regular membership)

• Friends of the Association

For translators and interpreters no longer active: membership fee: EUR 60 per year

• Honorary member

For long-year members of the Association with exceptional merits: exempt from membership fees

• Subscription to the “Mitteilungsblatt” member magazine

Subscription to the “Mitteilungsblatt” member magazine within Austria: EUR 21 per year. Subscriptions outside of Austria: EUR 30 per year.

Our honorary members

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Application Forms, the Bylaws, the Code of Professional Conduct

Download the application forms for admission to the Association and to the translator/interpreter directory, the Bylaws, the Code of Professional Conduct and much more from our download area "Publications").