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UNIVERSITAS AUSTRIA Berufsverband für Dolmetschen und Übersetzen Interpreters' and Translators' Association

Gymnasiumstr. 50

1190 Vienna

E-mail: info@universitas.org

Phone: +43-1-368 60 60

Fax: +43-1-368 60 60

Object of the Association according to Article 2 of the Bylaws

The association is a non-political and non-profit association established for the collective organization of translators and interpreters in Austria for the purpose of representing the interests of the translation profession.

Board of Directors

Dagmar Jenner, President

Edith Vanghelof, Vice President

Dagmar Sanjath, Secretary General

Bernhard Hauer, Vice Secretary General

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All opinions expressed on the forums and also on, for example, Facebook, cannot be checked, and therefore, UNIVERSITAS Austria does not assume any liability. Opinions of users of such forums, including the members of UNIVERSITAS Austria, which is a voluntary professional association, cannot be controlled by UNIVERSITAS Austria and represent the exclusive opinion of the respective user.

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